Rex Ryan with the Self-Deprecating Foot Fetish Joke

via ESPN

Not sure about you, but I love a good piece of self-deprecating humor.

Rex Ryan delivered today when the conversation turned to Bobby Carpenter’s toenail removal, and well, I’ll just let you play the video:


It was back in 2010 when people stumbled upon videos showing Rex Ryan and his wife doing foot fetish stuff. I guess that’s the most simple way of explaining it. Pictures appeared in New York newspapers (headline: “Agony of De-feet”) and Ryan was even asked about his alleged fetish by reporters, to which he replied that it was “a personal matter.” In 2015, people then spied a picture of his wife’s feet on his desk, which brought the story back into the news.

So anyway, here’s Rex in 2019 having a little bit of fun at his own expense, which is cool. Everybody got a good laugh out of it.

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