Robby Anderson Will Not Sign Your Temple Items

A Crossing Broad reader send this tip via the feedback form:

Current New York Jet and former Temple Owl Robby Anderson is doing a signing session up in North Jersey on September 9th, a “2019 Monday Night Kickoff Event.” Autographs are $30 each and you can bring any item, be it a football, a helmet, or your newborn baby. The only thing Robby will not sign are Temple items, as you can see explicitly written right here:


If there was existing Temple/Anderson beef, I was not aware. He redshirted for Steve Addazio, then played two seasons for Matt Rhule, in 2013 and 2015, and missed the 2014 season due to academic issues. I think we should bring a Temple item and ask him to sign it, just to see what happens.


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  1. Kev – At the next CB team building event suggest that all the bookie stuff expand to the dogs and ponies too. I always look forward to the incessant betting posts and ads on Philly’s most irreverent sports blog. Also I hope Kate Devlin has a good Labor Day.

  2. He’s pissed at Temple because he’s been arrested twice in the last 2 year, and while the latter was under investigation Temple didn’t invite him to an alumni event. He’s a child, with an IQ of a child.

  3. It was actually a misunderstanding between his agent and the promoter. His agent wanted to make sure any Temple items were licensed is all.

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