Sean Rodriguez Hits Walk-Off Homer, Calls Out “Entitled” Phillies Fans

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Sean Rodriguez walked it off last night in the bottom of the 11th inning, giving the Phillies a 6-5 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates at Citizens Bank Park.

This, of course, happened a few hours after Maikel Franco was sent down to Triple-A to make room for Bryce Harper, who returned to the lineup after the birth of his child, Krew. The reaction to the personnel move was resounding, as Phils fans were wondering why Rodriguez remained with the Major League ballclub while hitting just .053 in the month of August and mustering just one hit in his last 15 at-bats against left-handed pitching.

Rodriguez got his moment in front of the media last night, and decided to “have a go” at the fans, as the British would say:

I’ve transcribed the full exchange with WIP’s Dave Uram:

Dave: Your struggles in perspective based on small sample size, do you hear the noise and frustration of fans about your play –

Rodriguez: Not just mine.

Dave: And if you do, does that motivate you to do something like you did tonight?

Rodriguez: Think about it; who’s looking bad and feeling entitled when you hear stuff like that? (pause) I’m asking you.

Dave: I don’t know –

Rodriguez: That’s what I mean; I’m not the one booing, I’m not the one screaming, I’m not the one saying pretty disgusting things at times. That seems pretty entitled; you’re just making yourself look pretty bad as an individual, as a person, and as a fan. You’re making guys not wanna basically sit there and say they’re gonna support you here, they’re gonna do this. That’s tough. There’s still a lot of good fans though. Those are the ones I hear, those are the ones I pay attention to. The few that might be behind home plate to say ‘hey Sean keep doing your thing, don’t worry about it, things will come around.’ ‘Hey Rhys, hey so and so, hey Bryce.’ Through the thick and thin that’s when you really get to show your true colors. So when you act a certain way towards somebody because you don’t feel like they’re doing what they need to do, just look at life in general. You wanna win. There’s nobody in here that doesn’t wanna win. You gotta just basically sit there and say, man, ‘let me see if I can’t help him get out of what he’s in. Let me see if I cant be encouraging enough to basically help an individual.’ That’s the harder thing to do. The easier thing is to scream ‘boo.’ Let me think of something to say that might be encouraging. I know it takes effort.

Ok, a few thoughts here, since multiple things can be true at the same time:

  1. Sean Rodriguez has flat out stunk in the month of August. When you have flat out stunk, you don’t get to call the fans entitled. Every single criticism was warranted. Just take a moment to say, “You know what? I know I’ve been struggling recently. I’m happy to get the home run tonight and hopefully we can build some momentum from here and get the fans excited for this final stretch.”
  2. He’s right that it’s harder to encourage athletes than simply boo them into oblivion. Sixers fans showed Markelle Fultz a ton of support over the two seasons he was here, so we’re certainly not incapable of it. I think that was something more specific to the Sixers’ fan base though, which trends younger and is more diverse in thought and approach.
  3. Phillies fans do need to stop with this ridiculous knee-jerk overreaction to everything. There are 162 games in a baseball season and every team suffers super shitty losses. The Dodgers just dropped three of four and were outscored 17-4 in their recent Yankees series. Fact of the matter is that the Phillies are still in the playoff race in late August, which hasn’t happened in a long time. And they’re doing it with a Triple-A pitching staff, yet it seems like people are overwhelmingly “glass half empty” on the Phils instead of “glass half full.”
  4. Rodriguez sounds like a mix between Gabe Kapler and Jeff Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, both in delivery and the things they talk about. They both sound like spiritual surfer type of dudes, i.e. ‘let’s be positive’ and whatnot. Philly is a sardonic sports town and that type of thinking doesn’t necessarily interface well with the typical “four for four” fan.

That’s about it. As a general rule of thumb, fans are absolutely entitled, since they are the paying customers. It doesn’t mean that you as a player have to necessarily give a shit what they think, but it’s not outrageous to expect competent baseball and the requisite effort on the field.


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  1. Going hit the dollar store tonight before the game to buy batteries to throw at Sean Rodriguez . He better hope he’s not starting

  2. I guess he didn’t hear me yelling to have a wonderful at-bat last night!
    Me-thinks I need to take a brisk walk at lunch, too many peanuts and cracker-jack last night at the ol’ ball game. LOL!

    – Kate

  3. FUCK. YOU.

    Entitled is absolutely sucking at your job, then getting mad when it’s pointed out, you CAREER .226 hitter.

    10-55 since June, you fucking loser!

  4. I think Rodriguez has a point. Not sure that he should have said it, but I understand and think fans are sometimes a little too quick to boo. Baseball is a sport where failure is the norm even for superstars. To build a winning culture, fans should be a little more forgiving. Home runs like last nights probably would occur more often if fans were more supportive.

    1. Wait, are you seriously trying to say that supporting shitty play would manifest in…better play?

      Man, you are either dumb, never played a competitive sport before or Sean Rodriguez trying to minimize being such a thin-skinned twat.

  5. This dude apparently didn’t get the memo, that ripping the fans is never a winning proposition.

  6. fuck you Kinkead. I DON’T need to calm down, 162 games or not. It cost me over $300 to bring my family to a game a few weeks ago. I will fucking boo all I want. Your articles are getting dumber by the day. Site sucks now, Kyle

  7. The fans in general have NOT boo’d this team. and Harper who gets itm says “I I deserve it t when I suck”. I t’s a performance based industry. You’ve made 15 million being mediocre. Take u p knitting. .

  8. Reaction towards the Phillies all year has been.. weird. They’ve been in playoff position or within 2 games pretty much the entire season and it’s all doom and gloom.

    1. Because until recently we were in 4th place and even though we’re in third now we’re still pretty damn far back from 2nd. Because nobody started this season after the harper, cutch, realmuto, segura signings and thought “hmm if we’re 2 games out of the wild card at the end of august, I’ll be happy” . They made win-now moves and it just pushed them to the middle of the pack. They changed the expectations, then failed to live up to them. I’m still watching games. I’m still rooting for them. I was happy for Sean Rodriguez’s coke dealer-lookin ass when he walked it off last night… but I’m not going to listen to him or anyone else tell me I can’t boo this team when they deserve it.

    2. playoff position, oh please. Playoffs in baseball is winning the division. The joke one-game second wildcard is just that … a joke. That’s what you have been reduced to – conceding the division long ago and still braying about being “in playoff position”, sad.

  9. Rodriguez said nothing inaccurate. Tuesday night, fans responded to his accusation that they’re quick to boo by…booing him. I’m sure the irony was lost on them.

    1. “Tuesday night, fans responded to his accusation that they’re quick to boo by…booing him.”

      And it was hilarious. It was the perfect response to being criticized for booing: to boo him anyway despite the criticism. I’m sure the irony was lost on you.

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