Seravalli: Kevin Hayes Told Another Player He’d Only Go to the Flyers if They Overpaid

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When TSN’s Senior Hockey Reporter and former Philadelphia Daily News writer Frank Seravalli joined Anthony San Filippo and I on Tuesday night’s Snow The Goalie, we expected he’d provide some of the hard-hitting insight that made him a favorite in the local market and a target of Canada’s top sports network. We didn’t expect the bombshell he dropped on us regarding the Flyers’ top offseason signing, center Kevin Hayes.

Per Seravalli, Hayes had no intention of signing with the Flyers, who had traded for his rights, unless they opted to overpay him:

“I don’t understand why (the Flyers) felt the need to spend a pick in order to go out and (trade for Kevin Hayes’ rights). I don’t think there was a team that would’ve come close to the Flyers’ number, because if there were, Kevin Hayes would’ve just waited until July 1, and I have that on good authority. I was with a current NHL player the night before Game 7 in Boston who – five minutes before seeing me – ran into Kevin Hayes outside of somewhere in downtown Boston, which is obviously his hometown. He goes, ‘Oh yeah. I just ran into Kevin Hayes.’ He said Kevin Hayes told him the only way he’s going to the Flyers is if the Flyers overpaid to get him. And how much did they overpay by? It’s hard to answer that specifically, but I would say at least $600k-700k a year times seven years.”

Take a minute to let that sink in. That’s absolutely staggering. It’s Kevin freaking Hayes. This is a guy who’s surpassed 50 points ONCE in his career. He’s regarded by many in hockey circles as a 2.5 C. He’s a decent enough two-way player, but come on. He’s an upgrade over an underwhelming Nolan Patrick and nowhere near a top-tier 2C with a legitimate shot at moving to the top line. This is the guy saying he’d only play for the Flyers if they overpaid? Seriously? Have the Flyers fallen this far as an organization? I remember a time when players went out of their way to come to Philadelphia. Sure, some would point to Ed Snider’s willingness to throw copious sums of cash at stars when the NHL had no salary cap, but this is different. An overpaid, mid-tier player essentially trashed the team he eventually signed with.

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Anthony and I have been pretty vocal in our belief that the Flyers paid above market value to get Hayes and Seravalli confirmed that suspicion. Remember, this isn’t just a local reporter looking to drop a sound bite. This is a national reporter from Canada’s premier sports network confirming that the player, who was seemingly indignant at the notion of signing with this team, was seen as an overpay by those who cover the team internationally. It’s a huge blow to anyone in the Flyers organization looking to promote the notion that the team’s tweaking of the roster without any significant signing or trade of a top-tier talent will be enough to make the team a contender.

Seravalli went on to break down Hayes’ skillset, what it means for Nolan Patrick, and where he believes the team stacks up among the teams in the Metropolitan Division.

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  1. Great to know he doesn’t want to be here and is only here for the money. I’m sure that will make him go all out for the team and be a huge hit with the fans. 2019-20 Flyers season: Over before it starts?

  2. So Seravelli told you that he saw a guy who told him that he saw Kevin Hayes and Hayes said he was only signing with the Flyers if he was overpaid? Yea, sure this whisper down the lane absolutely confirms he hates Philly and was overpaid… Did Seravelli also tell you about how his sister’s friend’s cousin dated a prison guard who confirmed Epstein didn’t kill himself or did you run out of time?

  3. Thought it was a terrible deal the second they traded for him, and wanted to vomit in my shoes when they signed him. Yet this is how far the Flyers have fallen. Once a premier free-agent destination in which players knew a) they’d get PAID and b) they’d have a legitimate shot to compete for the cup every year, we’re now stuck overpaying for middling players just to try and remain competitive to even MAKE the playoffs.

    Gonna be a long season, boys. This squad STILL doesn’t have what it takes to win a cup. Not even close.

    1. Agreed……Should we wait and see if Hayes steps up to the plate?……He is now a guy who could just sit back for 7yrs since he can’ be traded unless we pick up part of his contract?

  4. …this will,spun into a press release saying he know a guywho,knows a girl who walks Alain Vignault’s dogs who overheard Kevin Hayes say he will sign with Philadelphia if he takes the head coaching job.

  5. These contracts in sports are getting way out of hand , extremely ridiculous…They are pretty much all multi-millionaires.

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