Skip Bayless Should Delete This Tweet

via FS1


Just total nonsense right here:

Yeah, no.

Pretty sure Carson Wentz put up nearly identical stats to Dak Prescott last season while playing with a broken back and recovering from an ACL tear. He also did it without a Pro Bowl running back carrying the ball 304 times.

Check it:

Skip Bayless is gonna get his comeuppance this season. His arrogance will be punished. I already notified the “Old Takes Exposed” Twitter account of this fraudulent tweet and we will be revisiting this when Dak Prescott falls off hard in 2019.

Time’s yours.

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7 Responses

  1. The Fanatic has been so good this month. The Cuz, Jason, Andrew and Nat…. Mike Miss!!!! We are lucky to live where we live. Fanatic is winning every time slot. Love it

    1. Why do you think they schedule a trip to the strip clubs after the fest. Hard up guys who will pay anything for a table dance.

    1. I am so waiting for that 5 and 11 dumpster fire Jaguar squad this year to put this argument to bed….

      1. What Foles does or doesn’t do in Jacksonville doesn’t take away from the fact that he got more out of the exact same team as Wentz. That’s a closer comparison since there are fewer variables and more in common.

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