Skip Bayless With One of the Worst Takes of All Time

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I know it’s Skip Bayless, so the bar is pretty low, but get a load of this:

Ok, so there’s a lot to unpack here, and I know Skip is just trolling at this point, but I’ll take the bait.

One, it’s worth reminding everyone that the NFL Network’s Top 100 list is determined by the players. They obviously did not think much of Dak, nor did they think much of Carson Wentz, who was ranked all the way down at 96. The top ten included Pat Mahomes ahead of Tom Brady while Drew Brees was ranked ahead of both, at #2 overall. It’s always interesting to me to see how players rate fellow players, vs. how the media and fans do it.

Two, Julio Jones, Antonio Brown, and Todd Gurley aren’t great comparisons anyway, because weighing skill position players versus quarterbacks is rather feckless to begin with. But those three guys are among the best at their positions, while Dak is probably not rated a top-15 NFL quarterback, so that pretty much ends that argument right there.

Three, Dak did lead the playoffs in QBR, but:

  • he only threw 65 total passes in two games
  • he threw a 4th quarter red zone interception at home against Seattle
  • he ran for two touchdowns
  • Dallas controlled a ton of the clock vs. the Seahawks due to Zeke Elliott and the running game
  • the Cowboys were 1-10 on third down against the Rams (only reason that game was close was their 75% 4th down conversion rate (3-4)

Four, yes, Dak can obviously “impact outcomes” more because he’s a quarterback.

Five, when Skip says Dak is the NFL’s MOST UNDERRATED, UNDERAPPRECIATED PLAYER, I think it’s worth going back to this video of him tossing his Prescott jersey and Cowboy hat in the trash:

Good morning.

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