Somebody Bet $100,500 on the Sixers to Make the Playoffs

sixers nets odds

I’ve got big money on Europa League qualifiers today, and when I say big money I mean $15 on Malmo FF and Zorya Luhansk.

Another person who laid down a big money bet is the guy who wagered $100,500 on the Sixers to make the playoffs at -5,000 odds, via ESPN:

According to Jeff Sherman, vice president of risk for the SuperBook, the anonymous bettor placed a $100,500 bet on the Philadelphia 76ers to make the playoffs at minus-5,000 odds Wednesday. If the 76ers reach the postseason, the bettor will win a net $2,010.

Sherman confirmed to ESPN that the Sixers bet was placed by the same customer who wagered on the Warriors last year. The customer will have to wait a little more than nine months for the wager to be graded.

Not much of a return, but it’s a safe bet, so homeboy is gonna be $2,010 richer come April. This person wagered $67,000 on Golden State to make the playoffs last year at -10,000, so he won $670 on that bet.

Of course, that’s roughly 2% return on an eight-month investment of $100k, WITH SOME RISK. Not smart.

Total that up, and he or she is going to turn $167,500 into $2,680, unless the Sixers somehow miraculously miss the playoffs in 2020.

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  1. Brilliant idea to launder dirty money… I’m sure whoever made this bet wished it didn’t get national attention.

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