That Wasn’t Great, Guys!


Can’t run from the truth.

The Phillies held an early 7-0 lead tonight against a team that woke up this morning 36 games under .500.

Thirty-six games!

Somehow, they proceeded to lose by eight runs to that same team, one that had also scored 13 runs in the midst of a six-game losing streak entering the night.

It was by far, I mean, by far this team’s worst loss of the season.

Let’s quantify the misery.

According to ESPN, the Phillies had a 97.3% win probability after the top of the third inning, but still managed to lose for the ninth time in nine chances since June 19 to reach the seven games over .500 mark.

It started well.

They ran out to a huge lead thanks to some clutch two-out hits with runners in scoring position. That hasn’t exactly been their strength in recent weeks, but they had it going on early tonight:

How many times has this team failed to come up big in similar spots lately?

I loved everything about this at-bat by Scott Kingery. The result was great, sure, but that first-pitch swing. I’m a big proponent of attacking the baseball early in the count with runners in scoring position, and it paid off here for Kingery (Jetpax).

And then Vince Velasquez (V²) happened:

And Maikel Franco’s defense (welcome back, man!) happened:

And Nick Pivetta (Piv) happened:

Then Ranger Suarez happened:

Hey, here’s a fun fact for those who want to debate Gabe Kapler’s strategy tonight. I invite you to enjoy this one, please:

Four of the six Phillies’ pitchers in this game allowed at least three runs. One of the guys who didn’t threw two pitches and left with an injury. The other was Sean Rodriguez. On an entirely related note, the Marlins entered the night 29th in on-base percentage, 30th in slugging percentage, and 30th in OPS.

The Phillies are now 6-8 against the Marlins this season, but don’t fret, Philadelphia.

After the game, Kapler said the loss “sucked,” so at least he was publicly disappointed:

And that’s what really matters, right?

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11 Responses

  1. Lost in this mess of a game, because it didn’t end up mattering, is that Kapler pinch hit for a position player in the 4th inning. It is stupid moves like this that force you to use Andrew Knapp(doesn’t belong in the majors) as a pinch hitter at key spots late in the game

  2. Ever since Kyle turned off the comments CB has struggled to regain viewership. Or maybe it’s because Sean Brace and Jim Adair built an amazing Philly Sports site.

  3. Hope big nat & Sam Wilson have bodyguards today at the fanatic sausage fest. Bunch of sweaty fat losers going be trying to get in their pants .

  4. “Four hits? Four goddamn hits? Two runs? Two goddamn runs? I’m sick of it. Jobs are on the line starting today.

    He could’ve let his team know what’s up. Let them know that he was tired of it. That it was bullshit.

    And he didn’t do it.

    He instead supported his players by expressing confidence and appreciation for their work ethic. He did this, of course, because he very obviously accepts failure and cultivates a clubhouse absent of accountability.

    And, well, this is what happens.”

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