The Humongous Big Scoreboard is Being Installed at the Wells Fargo Center

via Comcast Spectacor

It’s happening.

The brand new, KINETIC 4K CENTER-HUNG SCOREBOARD is being installed at the Center this week.

Via press release:

The new scoreboard, which was created in partnership with ANC and TAIT, was delivered to the arena disassembled on a total of 19 trucks (16 tractor trailers + 3 flatbed trucks) and is now in the process of being installed.

In comparison with Wells Fargo Center’s previous center-hung model, the new scoreboard boasts 50% more screen real estate and features the unprecedented ability to transform and be configured in a variety of formats to best highlight the action below. Once complete and fully expanded, the new scoreboard will showcase more than 6,600 square feet of center-hung 4K LED video technology, which is the most square footage on a scoreboard in an arena that hosts both NBA and NHL games.

Well shit!

That sounds great.

This is, of course, part of the $250 million dollar multi-year arena transformation that has been taking place since 2017 now. The new sound system went in last year, and it sounds fantastic. I’d love to hear some Pantera playing over that bad boy.

Here are some renderings and fly through video of the new jawn:


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3 Responses

  1. Any chance they can turn up the sound? I still have some hearing and would love to lose the rest . Also, if they could please make the seats narrower. Thanks!

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