The Phillies Appear to be Wearing Duck Hats Now


About 20 minutes after the Phillies’ 11-1 blowout win over the Cubs last night, a jovial Bryce Harper stood before reporters to answer questions about his two homers, Charlie Manuel’s debut as hitting coach, and the other usual assortment of questions he typically receives, but I couldn’t focus on any of his answers.

I could only focus on his hat. This hat:

That right there is a blue cap with a majestic pintail duck, equipped with one of the finest red accent ropes my eyes ever did see.

That’s also winning in style.

Harper was on base four times last night, and the Phillies had just won back-to-back games for the first time this month, so I decided to let any questions I had about the hat pass and keep things on topic.

But moments later when Aaron Nola emerged to discuss his strong outing, Harper made it a point to walk over and hand him the same hat before he could get started.

At the end of Nola’s session, some reporters – I believe it was NBC Sports Philly’s Jim Salisbury and WIP’s Dave Uram – finally asked Nola what was up with the hat, but he wouldn’t give up the info.

The exchange:

Uram: What does the duck symbolize?

Nola: I don’t know. I don’t know what it symbolizes, you’ve gotta ask the owner of them. 

Salisbury: Who purchased them?

Nola: I’m not sure.

Salisbury: Did they arrive today?

Nola: Yesterday. *Smirks*

Nola then walked away and called the hats “sweet” about three times.

That’s playing it coy.

We were left with no answers, but thanks to the power of the internet, the hats have been located.

It turns out you can find these bad boys at where I found this description:

Who doesn’t love a nice bull sprig!  Don’t worry, there is no bag limit on this Pintail hat or how many times you wear it. 

This dark blue cap with red accent rope features a custom designed pintail that is embroidered on the front. 

And great news: you can purchase this item, and I suspect that you’ll want to, for the low, low cost of only $29.

That’s value.

Anyway, the Phillies will try to complete the sweep of the Cubs tonight, and we will try to get to the bottom of the great duck hat mystery.

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  1. Nerds and dweebs like you won’t understand this , but , Nola is not marketable because he is a dork. We need guys like Bryce, alpha males!

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