Trent Williams Appears to be in Washington Redskins Purgatory

Photo Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Eagles open the 2019 regular season in less than one month, at home against the Warshington Redskins.

Pro Bowl left tackle Trent Williams has apparently said he will not play for the Skins this year unless they fire their entire medical staff, therefore he has yet to appear at training camp.

Despite reports of a possible Williams trade, Adam Schefter says Washington ain’t having none of it:

More from Schefty via an ESPN article, after the jump:

At the root of Williams’ absence is that he is upset with how a growth on his head was treated over the years, sources told ESPN’s John Keim. It was finally surgically removed this offseason. Sources within the Redskins say several appointments for him over the years weren’t kept. It’s unclear whether a new contract, or more guaranteed money in 2020 — the last year of his current deal — would appease Williams.

If the Redskins don’t trade Williams, they could let the situation drag into the season, forcing him to either return or miss game checks. Williams has a base salary of $10.5 million, making one check worth $617,647.

“Since Day 1 of camp you notice his absence is impacting us tremendously,” running back Adrian Peterson told ESPN’s Josina Anderson. “You go from not having to worry about the blind side at all, to having to chip on that side, add a TE there which changes what you do. I think it’s making Dwayne Haskins have to think more, not process things as calmly. Matter of fact, I think it’s impacting all of our QBs. Guys are coming off the edge in practice right there on the QB & the RB. It’s been a struggle.”

Make no mistake, going up against the Redskins with a second-choice left tackle would be a big boon for the Eagles. Williams is a good player, and anybody else playing LT would represent a step back for Washington heading into the new season.

We shall see how this story develops.

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