We’ve Been Blessed With More Markelle Fultz Jump Shot Video

via Twitter (@TheMisterMarcus)

I see your Ben Simmons jump shot video and raise you Markelle Fultz jump shot video.

The latest update on the Sixers’ former #1 overall pick went something like this:

The Orlando Magic have no timetable for Markelle’s return, but Caron Butler, who shared agent Raymond Brothers during his playing days, believes that Fultz is going to be “a huge addition” to the Magic in 2019. That was the mid-July Markelle story.

Today we’ve got new video to analyze, which you can see after the jump (this has been edited, the original tweet was deleted):


Ok, so it’s not much, just a few shots.

But they look smoother to me, more like what we saw at the beginning of last season. There’s no herky-jerky kind of shot put motion, which is how Markelle’s shot devolved as he dealt with the various ups and downs with his shoulder.

Coggin dropped this clip into Slack, from last October, and you do see a lot of similarities to the above clip:

This has been your Markelle Fultz update. Maybe he will play against the Sixers on October 13th in the preseason. Or maybe he will not.

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