WNBA Broadcast Identifies Some Random Guy as Markelle Fultz

via Twitter (@BMWill03)

The Washington Mystics beat the tar out of the Indiana Fever this weekend, winning 107-68.

During the broadcast, the TV crew cut to a shot of a random guy in the crowd, and then this happened:


“Orlando Magic and DMV native Markelle Fultz in the building along with his mom.” 


That’s not Markelle. And that’s not his mom either. They look like this:





Time’s yours.

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  • info November 3, 2019 at 11:00 am

    Before Tuesday’s broadcast, 14 ping pong balls, all labeled with different numbers 1-14, will be placed in a machine and drawn, one-by-one, until four have been selected. Those four numbers will create one of a possible 1,001 combinations. One of those combinations will be thrown out; the other 1,000 are distributed among the league’s non-playoff teams.

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