97.5 the Fanatic Plays Exclusive Audio of the F Lot Crew Prior to Mike Scott Fight

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Good morning.

Today the 97.5 the Fanatic morning show aired some exclusive audio that was recorded prior to the Sunday fight between Sixers forward Mike Scott and members of the “F Lot Crew.” In case you’re living under a rock and haven’t seen the story, Scott was involved in an altercation with these folks while wearing his hometown Redskins jersey in the Lincoln Financial Field parking lots.

For context, the audio 97.5 played took place about five minutes BEFORE the fight, and features a member of the crew shouting over a microphone, talking general trash to other people in the area.

Audio, with more context from host Marc Farzetta, after the jump:


Some of the dude:

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13 Responses

  1. I was stuck near that tailgate Sunday. That obnoxious drunk guy on the mic was singing heyy we want some p from 2 live crew earlier that day. So loud so loud

  2. Lol. Farzetta making A LOT of assumptions. 1. Mike Scott just innocently walked over to the tailgate bc he wanted to take pics with coffin bc thought it was funny? (BS. Give me a break. Mike likes to mix it up with fans. He’s that type of guy). 2. Mike Scott couldn’t walk away because he was backed up against a fence? (Did he see the first video where mike was aggressor? That was no where near the fence. He was backed up at the fence AFTER the fight) 3. Someone said N Word? (Total lie. That word was never said. Disgusting that he’d pedal that rumor). Bottom line is these F Lot guys are complete zilches……but Mike Scott was not Mary Poppins in this situation. His whole persona is “I ain’t no bitch”. He absolutely went in there to mix it up. How can anyone honestly say this wasn’t the case?

    1. If Mike Scott was a white guy approaching a crowd of Blacks in the same type of aggressive manner, Mike Scott wouldn’t be alive today. Just stating a fact.

  3. Mike Scott has an IQ of 87 and started the physicality. Also, who proves Larry Johnson’s theory that 95% of NBA and NFL players are on the limp wrist team. Love watching people that have never been in a fight throw a punch. PS, why haven’t the SeventyChokers cut this bum yet?

  4. Didn’t he just encourage everyone a couple weeks ago to Booo the sh*t out of Jimmy Butler when he comes back with the Heat? Yea, he definitely likes that type of fandom. Not a stretch to imagine him aggressively going in to that tailgate to talk trash. I doubt he wanted it to go down the way it did, but if he had half a brain, this whole thing would have been avoided.

  5. I was at the tailgate and I promise you there were NO racial slurs said. Surprised that this rumor is being spread. Actually, I am not surprised.

  6. F Lot crew is despicable but not a racist bunch. At least 5 black dudes in their crew. Latinos and Asians too. They are scumbags though. That we can agree on.

  7. These libtard left-wing pieces of $hit that run this website delete comments that don’t agree with their suicidal white guilt agenda. I laugh every time one of you gets slaughtered in the slums you’re gentrifying by the very ghetto garbage you exploit as pawns in your political agenda

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