A “Member of the F Lot Crew” Called Mike Missanelli’s Show

via Instagram

A guy named Joe dialed up the Mike Missanelli show this afternoon to talk about the altercation between his tailgating crew and Sixers forward Mike Scott on Sunday.

I’m 99.9% sure this guy is trolling Mike ala Gary Dell’Abate, but here’s the clip anyway, so you can listen for yourself:

I think the guy gives himself away when he says “cracker,” then tries to cover up a laugh by coughing instead. But he does a convincing job of sounding like a total moron, so either this was a brilliant acting performance or these mouth breathers are even dumber than we thought.

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13 Responses

  1. I shut off Mikey “Woke” Miss years ago. I got tired of his anti-White politics. He was caught using “fake” callers, this could be an “inside caller” too. If I ‘m not mistaken he also physically assaulted his own Producer too. Turn this phony tough-guy off, I’m glad I did.

      1. Dude sounds like he needs to lay off the sauce and check into the nearest detox center.

        1. I think these stations hire people to call from agencies that supply extras when they film movies in town.

  2. The comment section predicted he’d fabricate Al lie being called the n-word when giving heat about starting the fight. Right on cue, that’s what he’s doing now.
    #1 there’s proof no one called him the n-word.
    #2 why do ghetto garbage think it’s acceptable to respond the words you don’t like with violence?

    This is what happens when pigs with no respect for themselves and their families, defile themselves with ghetto garbage, and then bring this violent garbage into our docial circles.

    1. Voice to text is obviously responsible for the typos, and the stupid comment section won’t allow you to edit for syntax errors

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