An Eagles Fan Passed Away After Suffering a Heart Attack During Sunday’s Game

via Doherty Funeral Home

Spare a thought today for the family and friends of Marco Bianchi, an Eagles fan who died after suffering a heart attack while watching the  game from section 131 this past weekend:

Bianchi was just 38 years old, a Wilmington native who graduated from Archmere Academy and St. Joe’s University, according to the obituary, which adds:

Marco’s passions were wine-making, playing basketball and beer pong, preparing elaborate meals for Sunday dinners, and most of all, spending time with his family and friends. You knew Marco was near if the music was playing and the wine glass was full.

He is survived by his papá e mamma, Maurizio and Fatima Bianchi; his brother, best friend, and confidant, Dr. Alex Bianchi, and his wife, Thomasine; his nieces, Natalie and Hailey Bianchi, who were his biggest fans; his longtime girlfriend, Melissa Pisani, who he met 27 years ago when he was 11 years old and spent the last ten years happily part of the “Marco & Melissa” duo; and his extended family in Italy.

In lieu of flowers, the family is asking for contributions in his memory to the American Heart Association, PO Box 15120, Chicago, IL 60693. You can also leave a message on the tribute wall at the obituary page.

Really sad situation. RIP Marco.


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  1. Awful to hear. I hope Marco RIP and his family is doing okay during an incredibly difficult time.

  2. hahaha my comment was also redacted… ummm Kevin did you think you’d get remorseful comments when you posted this? May have wanted to go to your safe zone and disabled the comments for this, or not post it at all.

    1. Your comment was redacted because it was tasteless bullshit. I thought for sure an idiot like you could turn off the troll routine for five seconds to show some class, but apparently I was wrong.

      1. Thank you, Kevin. Obviously one of the very few scumbags that give Birds fans a bad name. Beat it.

        RIP Brother

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