Chris Carlin is Out at WFAN

Former 94 WIP afternoon host Chris Carlin is no longer with WFAN in New York.

Carlin, who did the 2-6 shift here in Philadelphia alongside Ike Reese, left WIP in November of 2017 to replace the retiring Mike Francesa. Four months later, Francesa un-retired, bumping Carlin, Bart Scott, and Maggie Gray out of the afternoon drive slot.

Last night Carlin confirmed his departure on Twitter:

So his co-hosts are staying, which is interesting. I did not get to listen to his WFAN show, but the Philly show with Ike Reese was pretty good and it seemed like those two had a good rapport. Jon Marks wound up replacing Carlin and has been doing PM drive ever since.

Carlin went on the WIP Morning Show today with Angelo Cataldi, but that audio is not up on the WIP website. I’ll add it here if they upload it.

Meantime, Andrew Marchand, the sports media columnist at the New York Post, has a story out this morning titled “Mike Francesa is the culprit behind Chris Carlin’s WFAN demise,” writing:

Entercom executives have totally fallen for Francesa’s bully act. He tricked them with his unsigned contract gambit and is more in charge than ever, according to sources. That’s a good job out of you, Mikey.

For the fall, CMB will become MB, preceded by Boomer and Gio in the morning, Joe & Evan in midday and Francesa in the afternoon.

After the new year, the lineup will be based on what Francesa decides. A week ago, when Francesa’s app officially failed — err, was purchased by Entercom — The Post reported Francesa was contemplating moving most of his content to

Two separate sources, however, warned that Francesa is just nutty enough to change his mind because The Post has reported the potential plan.

Entercom, meanwhile, is a struggling company. The whole radio industry is annoyed by its efforts to lower broadcasters’ salaries. Its stock price is bottoming out.

Marchand goes on to say that ratings were not a problem for Carlin. He also writes that Carlin, who formerly worked at WFAN before his Philly stint, had a strained relationship with Francesa:

“When Chris Russo split with Francesa and went to SiriusXM, Francesa thought Carlin, their former producer, sided with Mad Dog.”

What a shit show (if true).

Here’s Francesa’s response:

I get the sense that Francesa and Marchand don’t like each other very much..

Anway, I’ve got an idea –

Maybe Chris Carlin should come back to Philly to anchor the WIP Morning Show and Angelo Cataldi can take a hike.

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5 Responses

  1. Francesa is a dinosaur, but like Cataldi, he has a built in audience and there is also the crowd of people who tune in just to hear him make an ass of himself. I thought Carlin stunk when he was here.

  2. For the sake of diversity, Ike Reese should get Angelo Cataldi’s job. Nothing would sound so nice as to listen to Ike’s sandpaper voice 1st thing in the morning.

  3. Yet Paul Jolovitz still has a job. Wow. He can’t go 5 minutes without belittling callers bc they don’t agree with his thickheaded views. And that voice….good god.

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