Corey Dickerson Will Miss Rest of Season With Broken Foot

Wendell Cruz - USA Today Sports

Let’s check in on the Phillies.

Well, they’re five games out of the second wild card spot and now Corey Dickerson is done:

Dickerson had eight RBI in his last five games, which took him up to September 12th. He was hitting .279 with a .877 OPS this month.

The Phillies begin an 11-game road swing tonight in Atlanta, then finish up with three at home against the Marlins. What a downer of a season.


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  1. Thanks for letting me know! By chance do you have an address where I can send him a Get Well Soon card and a basket of treats and goodies?

    – Kate

  2. Fire Gabe and Klentak. Pitching staff is garbage, management is garbage. Klentak has nothing but praise for Kapler and the team stinks. So done with all of them. Welcome to the Phillies, Harper. Perpetual fucking mediocrity and nothing else ever since the Howard/Utley era ended.

  3. The Eagles have reached a deal with Jacksonville that will bring in Jalen Ramsey !

    Details to follow!

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