Dallas is Now Stephen A Smith’s House

via First Take

I know people generally dislike the “debate” shows, but First Take is great when broadcasting live from Dallas. Stephen A Smith does a fantastic job trolling Cowboy fans like the cucarachas repugnantes that they are.

Here’s today’s show opener, which also happens to feature a fantastic Freudian slip:

Stephen A, wearing a Tom Brady jersey:

“This is America’s team. Not these damn Cowboys. Not these damn Cowboys. I ain’t scared of none of ’em. I am here, in the house. Of course we’ll get to your sorry Cowboys a little bit later. Got the Bears and Packers on Thursday night football, we’ll talk about that plus a whole bunch of other stuff. I heard T.O. is gonna be in the house. I heard DeMarcus Ware is gonna be in the house. It don’t matter because this is my house. This is my house. I’m taking over, okay? Stephen A and the crew. Texas Live in the house. You know what time it is. First Take coming right now. Holla at your boiiiiiiiiii.”

It’s great TV.

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2 Responses

    1. Let’s Give credit where it’s do..Stephen A Smith is that Brother from another Mother that has a huge Vocaburlary. and he’s more than able to Articulate his discussions to where the most uneducated adversary could appreciate, everything that he’s spelling out to you!!! The Brother is on top of his GAME…

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