ESPN Changed Their Monday Night Football Graphic in the Middle of the Game

If you watched the Monday Night Football double header, you saw some popping new graphics on your TV screen.

ESPN rolled out a lower third chyron with the typical team logos and scores, featuring a separate graphic that showed the current personnel formation on the field. This is a new wrinkle for the season, the little line that appeared above the score and said something like this:

“one TE, one RB, three WRs, #10 DeAndre Hopkins, etc etc”

Interesting idea, though I’m not sure the typical viewer cares about that, do they? No clue.

Another new quirk was a bright yellow or neon greenish down and distance marker on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, which really stood out during the broadcast and looked like this, via DubDotDUBBY:

Problem here is that fans thought they were getting a penalty flag on every play. There was head-scratching and bewilderment. ESPN was showing an inversely colored yellow-on-black look when a flag was actually thrown on the field, which looked like:

Confusion! Confusion all around!

But to ESPN’s credit, they changed the damn thing at halftime of the Texans/Saints game. They didn’t wait at all; they saw the complaints on social media and came back in the 3rd quarter with a black and white version of the graphic, which blended much better with the lower third:

There you have it.

This, my friends, is the power of Twitter complaining.

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6 Responses

  1. Will you actually leave the house today blogger or do have to scan twitter for blog post ideas? Any cool gambling posts?

    1. I actually thought the coverage of the game didn’t suck…course, the game was great, so that may have helped, but I thought the two man crew was pretty good.

  2. I saw and absolutely hated it, every single time I thought there was a flag. Somehow multiple people didnt see the problem it would entail.

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