“I Don’t Give a F***, I Don’t Work There No More” – Hollis Thomas is Out at 94 WIP

Former Eagle Hollis Thomas was not on Sports Radio 94 WIP this past weekend. He’s been co-hosting Saturdays and Sundays alongside Rob Charry for some time now, a shift he held years ago before briefly moving to PM drive during the final days of the Andy Bloom era.

A source earlier told me about a “conflict of interest” involving Thomas and WIP, and then voila, he appeared on the Josh Innes podcast this afternoon to explain what happened:

You have to open a new window to watch that Youtube video, but Thomas began the phone call by saying “Spike (Eskin) has some personal issues,” so I guess he did not know the show was live. When Innes made him aware that they were recording, Thomas said, “I don’t give a fuck, I don’t work there no more.”

Some tidbits:

  • he’s been out for a week, he was given an “ultimatum”
  • the conflict was centered in his involvement with Green Legion radio and a trip to the recent Falcons game
  • apparently there was some sort of falling out involving a guy named “Quimby” stemming from last year’s LA Rams road trip
  • Chickies and Petes picked up Green Legion radio for the season, which was a conflict because WIP broadcasts from there… ? I think that’s what he’s saying
  • He got the union involved, which is repped by Charry
  • Innes brought up The Rights to Ricky Sanchez podcast as a counterargument to the conflict of interest idea

The story keeps going on and on but it’s just total craziness. You should listen to it.


I think Hollis was also doing the occasional morning show as well. Once a week? Something like that? I can’t recall.

Also, it’s worth noting that 94 WIP trips are organized by Phans of Philly. Green Legion also runs trips and tailgates, so from a baseline perspective, any WIP talent having a Green Legion connection would, I guess, constitute a conflict of interest. Hollis was just a part time guy, however, so I don’t know if any existing rules would apply to him in the same way as they would a full time, contract worker. I honestly don’t know, just kind of spit-balling on that.

Here’s the podcast link:

Listen to “JIS: Philly Show 9/24/19” on Spreaker.

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45 Responses

    1. I hope this traitor to WIP and Angelo suffers from his acts of treason; I will miss the only decipherable thing he ever had to say, “hee hee hee hee”
      -The real Kate Devlin

  1. Thomas was doing Mondays on the Morning Show so he could contribute gems like “pigeons” and “this day in history.” Boy, Uncle Angelo’s list of token black “friends” is getting smaller by the day!

    1. I believe you’ve confused Hollis with Ike Reese. Or perhaps Ava Graham, who’s never met a consonant at the end of a word she can actually pronounce.

        1. Who cares about that pig. She actually has on her twitter bio that she hosts quizzos. Anyone with any self respect would never be proud of that. What qualifications does she have again? Oh that’s right, daddy.

  2. The GreenLegion rules man! Everybody is trying to copy us!

    Be one of the 10 people to listen to the Rob V show! I have strippers on. Sometimes I even get to see a booby! It’s awesome.

    Hey, I know baseball because i’m the scoreboard operator for the Nor-Gwyn Packers.

  3. Hollis’ voice on the air, and the total nothingness that came out of his mouth, fueled significant growth in black holes in the universe.

  4. What took so long? The guy was a bad listen. Is getting someone to work on the weekend so hard that they had no better option?

  5. I’ll never forget I did a line of blow off a strippers ass at the green legion tailgate during the saints tailgate last year . Great time horrible loss

  6. Hollis is already talking about a discrimination lawsuit. Never fire a “Brutha” without expecting legal action.

  7. What moron thought that putting that illiterate baboon on in the prime time drive slot in a major market was a good idea??

        1. Awwww…does the truth hurt Snowflake? That’s okay Skippy, you can sleep with your Hollis Jersey tonight, while Hollis sleeps with your Mommy.

  8. He he he he he heh heh heh heh. He mumbled and stumbled and stuttered. He was unlistenable as it’s not a good idea to put someone who can not speak on the R A D I O, maybe. Rob “SUPER LIB” Charry would read a sad story and Thomas would laugh his little nervous laugh.
    I hear Bowtie Skinny Pants has hired several blind guys are writers for the Inky. Bring back Josh ! Lose Charry, Ike, Jolly Hugehead etc

  9. Just for entertainment purposes, I would love to hear a show with Hollis, Ike and Allen Iverson at the same time. Can you imagine the Stone Age mentality and deep intellect they would provide?

    1. Naw men, No what I saying, I mean. OMG that would set Ebonics back 30 years.

      BTW, Josh must have made the big- time, doing his show from his bedroom.

      Wow, poor guy is blacklisted because of the Spiker

    2. That simply would not be allowed. You would have massive car accidents from people hysterically laughing at that trio of imbeciles. That would literally be considered a public health hazard.

  10. Is there anyone worse in Philly radio than Spike Eskin??? This dude CLEARLY has his job simply because he rides his dad’s coattails. He’s accomplished nothing on his own!! Dudes a total joke.

    1. His second mistake was letting Josh go and letting Ike stay. His third mistake was repeating the first two mistakes,

  11. I’m not sad to see that mumble-mouth leave, but man how far has WIP fallen? Once the Big Nose and Dopes Morning Show wraps, I’d expect 94.1 to return to classic rock quickly.

  12. Tank’s bumbling,mumbling and stuttering, ice cold takes, lack of general sports knowledge and overall ineptitude will be sorely missed on the WIP airwaves.

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