Jean Segura Hurt Himself While – Get This – Hustling to First Base

via NBC Sports Philadelphia

You can’t make this shit up.

Jean Segura had to come out of today’s Phils/Braves game when he injured his hamstring running to first base.

On the play in question, he hit a floaty line drive just over Ozzie Albies, which resulted in Segura getting out of the box late. While legging out the single, he tweaked the hammy:

So if you’re keeping track, Segura has now injured himself hustling to first base and injured Andrew McCutchen by not hustling to first base. Both plays started with some sort of hesitation at the plate, one a stumble and the other a bit of ball watching, so you could actually argue that the only reason he had to haul ass on this play was to compensate for dogging it out of the box in the first place.

The Phillies lost the game 5-4 after another poor Aaron Nola outing. He went five innings, allowing five runs on nine hits while walking two and striking out four.

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