“Jesus Christ, Look Downfield!” Eagles Fan Tells Carson Wentz

via Twitter (PhillyDP)

This is fantastic. I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time:

Full transcription:

Woman: Jesus Christ Carson that was a ??? fucking check off. Jesus Christ, look downfield! What the fuck! That was a darn fucking check off. Come on. That is not the initial fucking play. I am dead ass serious, that is not… someone needs to get the fuck open.

Other guy: They ran a screen –

Woman: There’s no way he’s ????? over the screen.

I love it. Gotta get this woman on FOX 29 tomorrow morning, Good Day Philadelphia with Mike Jerrick and Alex Holley.

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8 Responses

  1. So is this how the site is now? Riddled with betting ads, intrusive popups making it hard to click on things….
    Maybe it’s a different experience on desktop, but mobile isn’t very easy to navigate.
    I’m glad to see comments are back.
    Less betting ads please.
    And go back to your previous layout, it was better

  2. Come on, Kev, that was staged. Wake up. Oh, somebody just happened to film her when she went off on that particular play? OR were they filming her the whole game? Come on, Man!

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