Markelle Fultz, Shooting a Basketball

via Orlando Magic

This is old news but I forgot to post it yesterday.

The Orlando Magic put out a couple of video clips showing Markelle Fultz getting some shots up and whatnot.

Have a look at the former #1 overall draft pick:

That release point seems… a little lower? It looks just a tad bit lower to me. It’s certainly not the shotput-style mechanic he was exhibiting at times in Philadelphia, and you can see some repetition in this clip below that would suggest he’s finding a bit of muscle memory:

If the shoulder is still bothering him, and he has continued issues raising his arms above his head, then certainly releasing the ball at a lower point would make sense from a mechanical standpoint. Hard to compare this to last season, though, since you’d have to back almost a full year to pull his most recent NBA game film. We’ll see what happens.

No ill will towards Markelle at all; at this point I’m just fascinated to see how this thing progresses, if it does progress.

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4 Responses

  1. Orlando could of struck gold if he gets healthy and finds his shot, or all could be a lost on the gamble..the will tell..Mo Bamba better be adding some serious muscle and working on his game..

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