Mike Greenberg Believes the Eagles are Playing for Their Season Tonight

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher - USA Today Sports

From Get Up on ESPN this morning:

Hmm, well I think I’d disagree.

The Houston Texans started 0-3 last season and went to the postseason, so digging yourself an early hole isn’t an automatic death knell.

Of course the Birds are in a sticky situation if they lose tonight and fall to 1-3, but in that case I like their chances to beat the Jets at home with nine days of preparation and the possible return of DeSean Jackson. That would result in the Minnesota trip becoming the “make or break” game, probably more than this game, since you’d potentially fall to 2-4 with road games in Dallas and Buffalo on tap. That’s where it could really, truly get ugly.

We’ll see. Good stats from Greeny, but seems like a stretch to say the Eagles are playing for their season on September 26th.

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5 Responses

  1. you would be 0-3 in conference


    would all hold tie breakers.

    cant win superbowl in september but you sure can lose it…

    1. I’m not booking anything until I see bwanks speak his magic on the subject of who to bet tonight. Then, I will be the house on the opposite side.

  2. Greenburg, that scoundrel. Next to aging queen Skip Bayless, the worst of the worst. When he was on 97.5 with Mike& Mike it was always about greenburg – the goo he used in his hair, the type salads he liked, he mastered the art of using 5 words when 1 would do. Glad to see he sucks just as bad now as he did then. STFU greenburg, you bitch punk.

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