Molly Sullivan Has One New Gig and One Expanded Gig

What’s Molly Sullivan doing these days?

The former Sixers sideline reporter made the jump across the street to work for the Eagles after she was let go by NBC Sports Philadelphia last summer. With the Birds, she’s been reporting from training camp while hosting their in-stadium programming at Lincoln Financial Field (segments on the jumbotron during pregame, halftime, and stuff like that).

Now that role is being expanded while another new gig is starting up, per her:

Nice gig. Conference USA isn’t bad, though it did get rocked a bit when their best teams were plundered by bigger conferences that lost squads in realignment. Let’s just hope Molly doesn’t have to travel to the God-forsaken hellhole known as Huntington, home of the Marshall Thundering Turd.

Sullivan (and Jessica Camerato) were replaced by Serena Winters, who now does a combination of their sideline reporting and web writing roles for NBCSP. They essentially just rolled those two jobs into one.

Last July, Molly told Richard Deitsch on his podcast that she had asked for more responsibility and “never got it,” explaining that NBC wanted to “streamline” their product and go in a different direction.


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  1. I could never do what Molly does. Sunday Supper with my family is my weekend priority.
    Who else is loving this short week?

    – K ate

  2. Nice to see she’s back to looking like a human again. The NBCSP look — jet black hair/orange skin — look made her look like a tall oompa loompa.

  3. This chicks a total dime. Which isn’t surprising at all. Sean Brace tagged her last fall. Sean only balls dimes.

  4. Cowboys have reached an agreement with Zeke per my sources. 7 years, 28 mil per year, 56 guaranteed.

  5. Molly is old news, would rather tag that chick on that gambling show with the dude who is the more successful and better looking version of Kyle, Clay Travis. That chick looks like a total freak.

  6. Ha ha, can’t comment on or mention any names here about the Fox betting post. Kyle is too insecure

  7. It was standing next to the King at a stall at the Linc and get to compare the size of our junk. Also included is an autographed photo of the King’s junk.

  8. The King is the guy who wears the matching shoes, sports jacket and headphones at the football games

  9. Molly looks like a skeleton.. I would like to borrow her to hang from the tree in my front lawn for a halloween decoration.

  10. Looks like she needs to treat herself to a pizza with a side of cheese fries . Maybe start hanging out with that thick fox 29 sports girl

  11. She truly is a Jack Of All Trades with those smart girl glasses.

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