My Favorite Pierre McGuire Moment

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Word on the street is that Pierre McGuire is being replaced by former Flyers goaltender Brian Boucher as part of NBC’s top hockey crew. He’ll still be doing games for the network, according to Rick Carpiniello, but the #1 team will be comprised of Doc Emrick, Eddie Olcyzk, and Booooooooooosh.

I thought this would be a nice moment to harken back to seven years ago, when the Flyers and Penguins were beating the shit out of each other in game three of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals. McGuire was right in the middle of it, right between the benches, which resulted in some fantastically goofy shots of him observing and narrating through the mayhem.

This is the best part:


“Look out, he’s pulling his hair. Adams is gonna get some, he just pulled his hair. The hair pull is gonna get Adams. The linesmen both jumped in when they saw that. There’s a lot of hair to pull but that’s why the linesmen jumped in. But I gotta tell ya Doc, this all could have been avoided, all could have been avoided if James Neal was just send to the room. They knew this was gonna happen.”

Earlier in the series was the brawl where Peter Laviolette and Tony Granato started yelling at each other from across the benches, with Pierre standing right in the middle:

Great shot.

Anyway, congrats to Boooooosh on the sweet new gig.

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  • Doorstep Dorny September 5, 2019 at 1:33 pm

    Regis is dead, long live Regis. I’ll never know where a hockey player went to college or played in juniors ever again. Buh bye Regis!
    Someone remind him that he’s from JERSEY!

  • Rod King September 5, 2019 at 5:39 pm

    The Laviolette and Granato yelling at each other was during the regular season, not the playoffs. Laviolette was pissed because they crushed Briere with a hit towards the end of the game and Briere got hurt. Of course, Laviolette was an idiot for having Briere on the ice in that situation. Get your shit together before you post an article

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