Nelson Agholor Offers to Send “Unlike Agholor” Guy to Eagles’ Next Home Game

via CBS 3

It would’ve been easy for Nelson Agholor to go into hiding or clap back at fans who’ve found themselves incensed by his propensity for dropping passes. It turns out that he’s taken the highest of high roads, offering to send “Unlike Agholor” guy Hakim Laws to the Eagles’ next home game:

It’s a pretty cool gesture from Agholor. The Eagles’ next home game is on Sunday, October 6, when the team will host the New York Jets at the Linc. First thing’s first. Nelson and his team need to focus on Thursday’s tilt with the undefeated Green Bay Packers.

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2 Responses

  1. Angry Agoholor is the best receiver on the team. At least he doesn’t come up with lame injuries like ex gang banger Jackson, neck beard eminem wannabe Dallas, and I won’t make fun of Alshon b/c he is cool. Btw, does anyone else crack up laughing when Ertz gets up from making an 8 yard reception in which he immediately falls down, and tries to pump the crowd up? hahaha run 5 yards and break a tackle after the catch Zachy.

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