Nigel Bradham Will Play on Sunday

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

No suspension for the Eagles linebacker, who had a bit of a flap with the team after skipping out on last Thursday’s preseason finale:

As chronicled yesterday, Bradham did not travel to North Jersey for the Jets game while the rest of the starters did, even though they weren’t playing. He later told reporters that he was sick and dealing with a stomach issue, which was not properly communicated to the team.

That resulted in 94 WIP midday host and ex-Eagle Jon Ritchie calling for his benching, an appeal for disciplinary action after Bradham failed to follow proper protocol.

Said Ritchie yesterday:

This is unbelievable, and I’m telling you right now; this is a pivotal moment for the Eagles for the inception of this season. They need to take action here. Nigel Bradham, what he did, essentially, he decided to – he was above the rest of the guys on that team. What he did, he decided he was going to stay home from the final preseason game. Here’s a quote from him. ‘Initially the plan was for me to come up, but I obviously wasn’t playing. I was going to do a little workout, a little running stuff, I wasn’t going to be playing in the game or anything. I was just under the weather so I decided to stay home.‘ The team thought Nigel Bradham was AWOL. The team had no idea. He did not communicate to them he was sick. He just didn’t show up for the bus. This right here is a pivotal moment in terms of where this team goes this year, because we’ve seen the results of lackadaisical discipline with the Phillies, with (Gabe) Kapler deciding not to bench, not to take action, being soft on the guys. We’ve seen how that plays out.


Nigel Bradham needs to be sat. Nigel Bradham should not play against the Washington Redskins. That’s the only answer to the quandary the Eagles are in.

Pederson had a talk with Bradham and they’re good. He’ll play Sunday, his first action after spending the summer recovering from a toe injury.


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