If you’re not following OJ Simpson on Twitter, you’re missing out on some Grade-A quality content. There was the time he reacted to Andrew Luck’s decision to retire mere moments after Simpson drafted him to his fantasy football team. On Thursday he expressed his disappointment in Antonio Brown’s situation with the Oakland Raiders and even dropped a “buddy” line in for good measure. It was only a matter of time before the Eagles would become Juice’s target. It happened on Sunday:

“Hey, Twitter World, yours truly. Doin’ pretty good on Opening Day. I would be doing a little better if those coaches in Philly would’ve been giving Jordan Howard the ball a little more. The man averaged 7 yards a carry. You were trying to protect the lead at one point. Give the man the ball. Run that clock out.”

He later went on to ask NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell why team management isn’t held accountable, focusing in on the disgraceful Miami Dolphins.

That’s some pretty killer analysis if you ask me.