“Our Tailgating Days are Done” – The F Lot Crew Decides to Disband

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Most news stories crest at the 72 hour mark, and that’s exactly what happened with the ‘Mike Scott vs. F Lot Crew’ saga that began on Sunday and dominated Philly headlines for the next three days.

We now know that the ‘F Lot Crew’ is history. They have tailgated their last tailgate. The ceremonial coffin will be wrapped up and returned to wherever it came from.

Tuesday, “microphone guy,” who we’ll refer to as the leader of the group, called the Mike Missanelli show and spent 13 minutes talking about Sunday’s fracas. He confirmed that there was racist language used during the altercation, but did not specify what word was said, when it was said, or who specifically said it. He explained that everybody involved was embarrassed by their behavior and added that he and his guys tried to contact the Sixers to apologize to Scott for their behavior.

The crew began drinking at 5 a.m. that morning, which would be eight hours prior to the 1 p.m. kickoff against the Redskins. Mic guy also disputed the legitimacy of an Instagram post made by one of his guys, Henry, a post that referred to Mike Scott as a “huge asshole” and a “crybaby bitch.”

He then went on to tell Mikey Miss that they will no longer be at any Eagles games, saying this:

Microphone guy: Monday, yesterday, we all spoke and our tailgating days are done. We broke up our crew. I’ve gone so far as to give up my tickets for the rest of the year. And if it’s an issue I plan on not renewing, because this is an embarrassment to the fan base, the city, the team, both teams. Everyone involved, everyone involved has to handle this their own way and we’ve all set plans in motion to handle this and end this right here, right now. Like I said, we tried to reach out to the Sixers and Mike Scott, maybe you can help us do that. No one feels, and I understand earlier somebody called in and talked about hiring lawyers, nobody is hiring lawyers –

Missanelli: Alright listen, Ed, it sounds like you made a terrible mistake and that your heart is in the right place and you’re trying to make amends and I’m sorry this has had a negative impact on your life. But I think in a way you needed some clarity in your life on this. Because it sounded like the behavior of somebody of who was really hurting inside. I don’t know if that’s true or not and I should play amateur psychologist, but when you act that way, something inside is disturbing you.

Microphone guy: I don’t know if I would agree to that but there’s definitely something wrong and we’re gonna do everything we all have to do to rectify it and make sure it never happens again.

Missanelli: Okay. And does your wife believe that?

Mic guy: I hope she does.

Missanelli: Right now you’re trying to gain her acceptance also.

Mic guy: I’m trying to gain everybody’s trust and acceptance back. It’s gonna be a long process. I understand that and everyone involved understands that. Everyone involved has friends and family walking away from them. All of us.


I’d say it’s up to these guys’ employers and spouses to decide where to go from here. Using racist language is, of course, inexcusable, but we don’t know which guy is responsible for that. We don’t have that evidence in a video or audio recording and we don’t know the extent of the melee involvement beyond the handful of guys who got physical with Scott. Earlier photos of the tailgate show 14 people there, a group of 11 white guys, one white woman, and two black guys, but 14 people definitely were not part of the donnybrook. That’s why I think a Twitter pile-on and blanket call for all of these people to be fired seems irresponsible, since we’d need to sort out who is specifically responsible for what happened.

You can listen to the entire audio here. 97.5 doesn’t do embeds, so you have to click that link and go to their site and then you can go through the interview.

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19 Responses

  1. When people call for others to be fired.. what is supposed to happen next? Are they ever allowed to work again? Where can they work? This is real life.

  2. A bunch of drunken losers who after downing upwards of 10 to 15 beers apiece( starting at 3am)tried to flex their fat and flabby beer muscles against the wrong one( Mike Scott).

    That obese loser in the front was knocked silly by Mike Scott.

  3. I definitely lol’d bad at work when 97.5 played that dude on the mic. It was hilarious.
    The fat kid looks like dusty rhoades . Hopefully none of these losers lost their jobs through. Don’t wish they on anyone .

  4. If that call yesterday on the Missanelli Social Justice Program was legit, it sounds like this guy has a MAJOR alcohol problem and has humiliated himself and his family one too many times. The only reason he or any of the other fat slobs are sorry, is because it was Mike Scott, a professional athlete, who they started shit with. Otherwise they’d be right back at it next home game. I don’t feel sorry for that idiot one bit.

  5. @ microphone guy-

    Not sure if you’ll read this but if you do…thank you 🎙 guy I’m sure you may not remember me but I met you a couple years ago in the F lot before an eagles giants game (the Jake Elliott game). I told you I was going through a tough divorce at the time and that you had helped me to get through it with your kind words. You told me to keep my head up and stay strong. And no what, because of you I did! I will never forget those words. Thank you once Mic 🎤 Guy.

    Go Birds!!

  6. Legit hope this is all real and they are gonna work on themselves and be better humans. Very encouraging to see that horrible behavior be acknowledged as such and apologies offered. PHILLY has tough fans with alot of demands for excellence but racism has no part in any of it, nor does creating a genuine dangerous environment to watch a GAME be played. HOPING the city and its fanbases can all see this and empower the dudes to keep moving in right direction of growing up, taking control of their emotions/lives and being better humans. GO PHILLYYYY!!!!

  7. Hey Mike M-

    What is hurting deep inside ? Any 65 year old guy that pretends to be a tough guy and constantly needs to tell people you are Progressive because you listen to alt (bro) has to be hurting.

    Clean your own house blowhard.

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