Not exactly a stunning development here.

Via Newsday:

The Giants have canceled coach Pat Shurmur’s weekly Monday segment with WFAN afternoon host Mike Francesa, a move that Newsday first reported on Thursday morning and Shurmur later confirmed to reporters.

“I think that was an organizational decision not to do that,” Shurmur said. “Most people aren’t aware of this, but I wasn’t contractually obligated to do that spot.

“We did it as a courtesy and out of respect for our relationship with the radio station. We just felt like for a while here, we’ll put that to bed for a while, and just not do it and move forward.”

Francesa has been all over the Giants this year, and I don’t blame him, since they suck. But Francesa also blows, just another dinosaur clogging up the airwaves and spewing his daily nonsense.

More background, from the story:

On Tuesday, Francesa ripped Gettleman and team president John Mara for not commenting publicly when (Eli) Manning was demoted to backup quarterback.

As for Shurmur, Francesa’s interactions with him were centered mostly around Francesa’s bluntly negative assessment of the 0-2 team’s performance.

During Monday’s interview, Francesa said, “The defense is abominable,” and, “You look like a terrible team. You’re not good at anything.”

He’s not wrong, and here’s the part where traditionalists pipe up and say, “well Francesa is just telling it how it is!” or, “he’s asking the hard questions!” That’s great, sure, but if that’s your approach, then you’re not going to get much of anything in return. What is Shurmur supposed to say when the radio host tells him that his team sucks? Is he supposed to say, “yes, Mike, we are, indeed, abominable“?

Asking ‘hard questions’ or ‘holding people accountable’ seems great in theory, but it doesn’t necessarily result in anything interesting or productive being said in response. It’s like Ben Simmons responding with one-word answers when you-know-who questions him incessantly about his jump shot. Was that exercise ultimately fruitful? Not really.

Anyway here’s a clip:

And another:

Time’s yours.