Penn’s Dean of Admissions Shares Our Frustrations

via Twitter (Will Brinson)

Maybe you saw this on the broadcast or maybe you didn’t, but at the beginning of the fourth quarter Sunday, FOX cut to a shot of the crowd and this guy was going ballistic:

What are you looking at? What the f*** are you looking at?” I believe yells the guy, who is actually the University of Pennsylvania’s dean of admissions, Eric Furda, confirmed by Penn alumnus/expert Jonathan Tannenwald:

I love it. Love the passion and the enthusiasm. I’ll assume he’s directing his words to the officials.

Looks like Furda is also a Sixers fan:

He’s one of us, Eric Furda. And I better not hear any complaining from anybody who thinks his behavior is out of line. If anything, his behavior is warranted and welcomed. He’s voicing the frustrations of the entire Eagles fan base after Sunday’s stinker of a game. It’s not like he’s trying to fight Mike Scott or something like that.

If I’m the University of Pennsylvania, I’m giving Furda a raise.


Amen brother.

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11 Responses

    1. And the Cowboys 4th Rd pick was used on rb Tony Pollard who so far looks like an absolute steal while Eagles rookie rb Miles Sanders(2nd Rd pick) is stinking it up.

  1. But Mike ‘super woke’ Missanelli said this was an obvious win before the season started. How can this be?

    1. “Hi, I’m Mike Miss,,,,the most “woke man” alive, and if you don’t believe that, I will punch your lights out, even though I’m a midget, in my 60’s and dye my hair”.

  2. “boomer eagles fan screaming at young black athletes is the height of white privilege and toxic masculinity”

  3. Carson Wentz defensive stat line against Detroit… 2 solo tackles. Fletcher Cox defensive stat line against Detroit.. 0 tackles, 0 sacks, 0 QB pressures, 100% fat slob.

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