Shawny Hill Will Not Return to the Flyers

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Per him:

This is interesting and perhaps unexpected.

Hill, you may recall, got into hot water in January when he made a racially insensitive remark while doing in-arena hosting for the Philadelphia Wings. That was the “snip the ponytail” comment made in reference to a Native American player on the other team. Hill apologized and even traveled to Allentown’s Museum of Indian Culture in a show of goodwill and remorse, but was removed from his role as the Wings’ announcer and suspended from all Wells Fargo Center-related assignments anyway.

I don’t know much of what happened beyond that, but it seems like he’ll be clarifying at some point in the future.


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    1. Are you for real?
      Quit picking on Stinkeread…its not his fault!

      Stinkeread is an article sports blog ‘writer’ (if you consider copying/pasting ‘writing’).
      If you find any proof reading issues, you should contact the original source material,
      not the version that was copied and altered by Stinkeread.
      Only sports reporter ‘proof read’.

    2. since when did such an irreverent sports blog start edited comments and typing in their own as other people?
      What is this, the mikey miss show?

  1. I’m offended by Forrest Whitakers lazy eye, Honey boo boo’s mom cankles, and everyone that speaks with a lisp

  2. In a typical Flyers move, he’ll probably get a front office position, and hang around the Wells Fargo for the next 40 years.

  3. Why would anyone except him and his family care about his ‘journey from this past season’?

    People need to realize how unimportant they are to others and that, quite frankly, no one cares.

  4. Anybody wanna grab a 12 pack and go to the lakes tonight?

    The Caravan got some gas in her today. Got my Friday take home ebitda today.

    Trump 2020!

  5. I wonder if anyone now working at crossingbored every did anything racial ‘insensitive’?
    And if they did?
    Did kyle do anything about it?
    or just bullshit his way through it like usual?

    1. I think Allen Iverson should get a Sports Talk position. His wonderful command of the English language and his stellar reputation for showing up to his job make him a strong candidate.

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