That Guy with the Phillie Phanatic Tattoo Danced with the Phanatic

Image via Instagram (Phillies)

Dreams do come true. On Thursday night, Robert Dunphy -a true, blue-collar Philadelphia fan- stole the show at Lambeau Field. The man drove all night to see his team hold on for a 34-27 win over the Packers. Of all his simply delightful tattoos, none was more captivating that the one that adorned his belly button region. That masterpiece featured his belly button playing the role of the Phillie Phantatic’s snout, though thankfully no tongue nor outie belly button protruded on command. On Sunday, this man’s dream -and quite frankly that of every true Philly fan- came true as Dunphy danced with the Phanatic:

The extended cut includes Dunphy both undressing the Phanatic and riding on the back of his ATV:

Here’s to you, Robert Dunphy. You’re a Philadelphia treasure.


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  1. What if this is some sort of dream within a dream and this is all taking place inside Amy Fadool’s belly button?

  2. Two things: This guy is not a Philadelphia treasure. this is the reason the rest of the country has the opinion they do of us.
    It’s not the dream of every Philadelphia fan to dance with the Phanatic. Grow up.

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