The Cowboys Didn’t Allow a Touchdown But Lost Anyway

Derek Hingle - USA Today Sports

You hate to see it, a Dallas Cowboy loss.

Nice weekend for Eagles fans after the Birds pulled back to 2-2 with a win at Lambeau on Thursday night, followed by the Cowboys falling to four Wil Lutz field goals on Sunday night.

Their defense played well, allowing just 266 total yards to a Teddy Bridgewater-led Saints team in the Superdome. Alvin Kamara went for 69 yards on 17 carries while the Boys logged five sacks, seven tackles for loss, and six QB hits.

It was the offense that let them down, with Dak Prescott going 22-33 for 223 yards and an interception. Jason Witten and Zeke Elliott fumbled, the latter which looked, uh, like Zeke’s arm had hit the ground:

15 penalties in this game, including a pair of offensive pass interference whistles against Amari Cooper, who finished with five catches for 48 yards. Marshon Lattimore did a really nice job against him.

Anyway, that’s about all the time we’re going to spend on the Cowboys this morning. Just thought you might like to start your work week reading about a Dallas loss.



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  1. That’s a fumble. Ball’s already loose when the arm comes down. At least if it was called that way there’s nothing in that video to overturn it.

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