The Mike Scott Altercation Apparently Started by a Coffin

Mike Scott Coffin
Image via Twitter

This story just keeps getting weirder. Earlier today, a video surface of Sixers forward Mike Scott getting involved in a tussle prior to the Eagles v. Redskins game. The video started well into the physical altercation, which didn’t provide much -if any- context. As the great Eric Bischoff would say, “Context is King.” Now it appears we have a bit of context:

It’s hard to make out what led to the confrontation that starts the video, but someone with a mic says, “F*ck outta here,” while others can be heard chanting, “Fight! Fight!” Someone clearly tried to intervene on Scott’s behalf with a “Yo, Mike. Mike! Yo.” Then, as per usual, the chants of “assssssshooooole” started up. The guy with the mic then jumps in saying, “That’s a fight you’re not gonna win, bro. That’s a fight you’re not gonna win.”

Now the real question -beyond why there was a coffin with a Redskins jersey at a tailgate- is how Mike Scott ended up under that tent and what preceded the video. Was he taunted by the guy on the mic while walking by? Did someone recognize him, offer him a beer, then things got out of hand?

One thing we can be sure about is that it wasn’t the tailgate he was invited to by 4th and Jawn:

That’s what we know for now. I assume we’ll have plenty of angles and insight in the days that follow. I’ll stand by what I tweeted after the initial video came out:

The next time you go to an Eagles game, try to be less awful to each other. Deal?


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  1. Nat Egg immediately defended Mike Scott without any evidence. Looks like she has a particular bias.

    Shouldn’t we expect Mike Scott, the professional athlete and more to lose than almost anyone, to remove himself from this dangerous situation?

    And yeah, tailgates are pretty awful. I would never recommend an opposing team fan attend a game at the Line.

      1. He took a selfie with some other coal burner at the game and she apparently got an invite to his suite, but “they’re not a thing”.

  2. Millionaire athlete with cult following in this city and you get in a fight with fans at Linc. No excuse. You’ve got to walk away. Mike Scott is a moron. Lost all respect for that dude. What a jackass.

  3. Looks to me like Mike has multiple opportunities to turn and walk away. He’s a beloved professional athlete in this city. Take the high road. Instead, he seems to have instigated a fight.

  4. What are we talking about here?? Mike Scott had about a thousand chances to walk away. He was looking for a fight.

  5. Wish he got knocked out . I don’t come to our house wearing enemy gear . Look what happened to them pussies from Minnesota . ⚰️ guys tailgate are good peeps !!

  6. Is mike scott still dating natt egg from 97.5?
    still annoyed the eagles didn’t cover the # yesterday. damn picket fence prevent defense is a $$ block

  7. I don’t like this Pretzel Boss moving in on my gimmick. I’ll fight him after I’m done with that has been Lenny Dykstra.

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