The Wells Fargo Center’s New Scoreboard is Fully Functional

via Comcast Spectacor


Let’s fire up this bad boy, this fully armed and operational battle station.

Here’s the new 4K kinetic scoreboard being introduced to the media down in South Philly:

Looks fantastic. Can’t wait to see Kevin Hayes light the lamp down there this season.

Here are some facts and figures of the new scoreboard, via press release:

  • The system was produced and tested in Lititz, PA (90 miles west of Philadelphia)
  • It was delivered disassembled to Wells Fargo Center on a total of 19 trucks (16 tractor trailers + 3 flatbed trucks)
  • The entire system weighs 90,000 pounds
  • Features a grand total of 6,601 square feet of 4K LED video technology
  • Has 50% more screen real estate than the Wells Fargo Center’s previous center-hung model
  • When fully expanded, the center-hung will feature more square feet of 4mm LED video technology than scoreboard in an arena that hosts both the NBA and NHL
  • Complementing the center-hung display are two massive crown trusses designed to create a captivating experience with multi-directional movement
  • These trusses can appear as part of the overall center-hung during game play, but quickly convert into separate entertainment displays featuring real-time movement and a stimulating next-generation light show
  • 6 Big Tow winches are installed into the arena’s catwalk to support the crowns
  • Crowns move up/down at four feet per second
  • Crowns move from their highest position (top of scoreboard) to lowest position (just above the arena floor) in 30 seconds via TAIT Navigator
  • Each Crown is 65 feet long and 8 feet high
  • Each Crown is roughly 12,000 lbs.
  • The first-ever Kinetic 4K center-hung entertainment system
  • Unprecedented ability to transform and be configured in a variety of formats
  • Over 40 million pixels within the complete center-hung entertainment system

Sounds good to me. Let’s rock and roll.

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4 Responses

  1. The new screen is beautiful, but the wfc will fuck it up. It will mostly be filled with ads…. as per Jim Adairs report last night.

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