TMZ Has New Video of the Mike Scott vs. Eagles Fans Conflict

via TMZ

Some new video this afternoon of the Mike Scott melee.

TMZ has the fight from a different angle with a more clear picture. The footage itself is not necessarily different from what we’ve seen, but this gives you a better perspective of Scott’s overhand right and the clash that resulted in the green shirted guy falling down. There’s also some extended video of what happened after the punch was thrown.

See it here:

TMZ doesn’t have any new details regrarding the fight, not beyond the speculation that you’ve seen on Twitter/Facebook/etc. Some people seem to think the altercation stemmed from the Redskins shirt that was laid over the coffin, but that does not appear to be the case. It looks like that shirt was a reference to the 1991 season, which was the last time Washington won the Super Bowl:

Sean Taylor died in 2007 at age 24, so you can understand why his jersey laid over a coffin would be in poor taste, though that was not the case Sunday.

I presented my take this morning in a column titled “In Mike Scott vs. Eagles Fans, Both Sides Come Out Looking Bad.”


Here’s ERock clearing up a few things –

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18 Responses

  1. I think both Eagles and Redskins fans can all agree that ‘E-Rock’ is a huge dork and anyone that says ‘jawn’ has an undercover meth problem.

  2. Don’t ever come into the f- lot domain and wear a visiting city Jersey . You get a beat down regardless of who you are .

    Also E- Rock keep talking shit home boy. Your pope hat will be put in the coffin

    1. ok BRO, keep it up till your all moved to the P(rison)-Lot. ….Go to the gym more or be more honest with your emotions to relieve that over abundance of anger/stress. Love my birds and all fellow fans alike, but if your not trolling here and are actually serious — then that is some serious level 1 human BS. You can do better….

    2. Clearly this guy is not from the F-Lot as they are illiterate steamfitters that barely get outside their union beer hall unless its to blow up a rat balloon or go to an Eagles game to tailgate (not go into the stadium mind you, as their kind has been priced out of the stadium).

  3. Naturally, Missanelli comes out blaming Mike Scott. The radio hosts in this town love to encourage raucous behavior out of one side of their mouth and say “this is what happens when you where an opposing team’s Jersey,” out of the other. They should be calling out bad behavior every day on their shows. Shame the hell out of these punks.

  4. Yeah, but naming yourself Dick Gozinya on an internet message board is the COOLEST. THING. EVER.

    Get it? Dick goes in you. It’s funny (and cool!) because it sounds like a name!

  5. This does not look good for Mike Scott. Maybe all the dweeb apologists will change their tune. Mike Scott started it. He instigated it. He threw the first punch. Could have easily walked away. What a stunod.

  6. 100 bucks says he says someone called him n word. Doubt it was said and No one will be able to prove it, but it is the easiest excuse. Race card = get out of jail free card.

  7. Biggest bi(^& punk of them all is the drop of water in the Fletch jersey creeping in blind w sucker haymakers. Of all them, that’s the one who deserves to be put to sleep.

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