In case you missed Get Up this morning, former Eagles linebacker Emmanuel Acho was on the show leading up to a Week 7 matchup between the Eagles and Cowboys. He offered this interesting automotive metaphor to settle the Dak Prescott v. Carson Wentz debate:

I’ll put it like this: Dak Prescott is like your good old Toyota 4Runner. He’s steady, you know what you can get from him, he’s reliable. Carson Wentz is like that exotic car. Now, that exotic car is gonna break down, Greeny, we all know that. But one day, you’re gonna get into a high-speed chase, and you’re gonna be real mad if you’re sitting in a 4Runner. Dak Prescott… he’s not gonna get hurt, he’s gonna be good, old reliable. But Carson can just do some things that Dak Prescott can’t do. Which is why I would take Carson, because sooner or later you’re gonna need him.

There you have it. No need for further debate.