Ben Simmons’ Three-Pointer Surges His Odds to Win MVP, For Real

ben simmons three pointer

A shot we will tell our grandchildren and their children about.

Ben Simmons made his first three-pointer last night, in a preseason game against Guangzhou, China.

In South Philly, inside the Wells Fargo Center, the crowd chanted for Simmons to shoot. Fans made motions of a follow through with their hands. With time running out in the 2nd quarter, Ben took the shot a good distance behind the line.

Swoosh. It went in.

The Wells Fargo erupted. All is right with the world.

Unless you’re a sportsbook taking action on MVP odds.

Ben’s shot got so much attention, that it was enough to move MVP odds in a big way.

PointsBet, one of New Jersey’s better sports betting apps, emailed us this morning and detailed how the shot led to them taking an extreme amount of action on Ben Simmons to win MVP at +10000 odds.

They said he is now their biggest liability by far for the MVP race. They quickly had to move his odds up to +8000 following the shot and the influx of bets.

So literally one three-pointer in a preseason game, with the clock winding down, against a team from China, was enough to change the outlook for Ben Simmons’ season…if you’re a bettor.

2 weeks until the home and season opener.

I can’t wait.

Clap your hands…

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