Carlos Santana Shades Jake Arrieta in Response to “Culture” Comments

Charles LeClaire - USA Today Sports

Didn’t expect Jake Arrieta vs. Carlos Santana to be a thing in 2019, but here we are.

Last night, Santana, who was traded this summer after just one season in Philadelphia, took to Twitter to address recent Arrieta comments claiming the Phillies’ clubhouse was a better place without him:

Here’s what Arrieta said to annoy Santana, via a Matt Breen newsletter at the Inquirer:

The Phillies began the season with questions about their clubhouse dynamics after Carlos Santana revealed during spring training that he smashed a TV because the players were playing too many video games. The Phillies may not have reached the playoffs, but the clubhouse seemed like a better environment.

“Well, the culture was better here this year without him,” Arrieta said. “I can tell you that.”

How so?

“Why it was better without Santana? We had better guys in the clubhouse,” Arrieta said. “That’s it. A lot more veteran presence.”

The TV thing was an interesting story that came out at the end of last year. Arrieta then came out in March and said there was some “untruth” to that, claiming that the video game culture was “something that I would not allow and a majority of the guys on the team would not allow.

Via Jim Salisbury, seven months ago:

“There was a lot of video-game playing and I was a part of it, too, but well in advance of the game — and that was something that we bonded over. It brought us close together and it was something we had in common. It was fun. But as far as during the game, and I’ve talked to a bunch of our guys, I do not believe that was taking place.”

Arrieta went on to say that Santana did his damage late at night, well after most of the players had departed.

Regardless of what actually happened with the TV-smashing incident, the Santana shade in that tweet is interesting. Seems pretty obvious they didn’t like each other. And Arrieta comes off kind of corny talking about a guy who isn’t even here anymore. Just my take.

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4 Responses

  1. lol at the state of the phils organization. Love how Carlos leaves the phils and becomes an mvp candidate. Why do the 3 stooges still have a job. Come on middelton start caring about your team and do something . Kentak and mcfail can’t even hit on a 1st overall draft pick

  2. Totally shades Kyle and the cheap doc investor Jeff for laying him off.

  3. Clubhouse culture. Jake Arrieta publicly threw Carlos Santana under the bus last week because the latter smashed a TV on which several Phillies players (among which was Jake) were playing Fortnite while a game was going on. Santana s mistake was not telling Kapler first. The guy who should have smashed the TV was the manager. And only if they could have sent Arrieta packing as well. I know he s under contract for $20M in 2020, but I won t be rooting for him next year. Bad dude. I blame Middleton for that one. He pushed for signing a past-his-prime clubhouse lawyer. I supported the deal at the time. Shame on me. Anyway, these are cases in point of the breakdown in Kapler s leadership. He probably brought the boys in his office for a talking to. Great. Now, what s changed? Who s playing for Gabe now?

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