Check Out This Angle of the Nelson Agholor Deep Ball

via Twitter (Marc Farzetta)

All-22 film gives us the best perspective.

And now we’ve got a different angle of the Carson Wentz deep ball to Nelson Agholor that landed harmlessly on the ground.

Check this out:

That angle certainly makes it look like he was having issues tracking the ball. He starts to extend his arms and then just sort of pulls them back in, and the pass falls incomplete.

Maybe it’s worth another look at the broadcast replay, then we can compare it to the new video:

Just doesn’t seem like that “second gear” is there, and even if Agholor doesn’t think he can reach the ball, do yourself a favor and lay out and make it look like you were giving the effort to catch it anyway.


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  1. Why is it everyone’s fault, expect Carson?

      1. No agenda, just tired of lapdogs like yourself blaming everyone but Carson Wentz.

          1. Can you explain the Fox News question in depth please? And what a cable tv news network has to do with Agholor catching a pass or Carson throwing a pass? Reality is no one cares if you watch MSNBC, Fox News or Pornhub.

          2. Carson got Lit up on that play…the throw could have been better..its also a very long developing play to have deep routes run across the field..the throw wasnt 5 yards to long or shot like some other throws….more blame to Nelson on this..

          3. The handle should probably be explanation enough.

            If you are pretending not to understand – you are a FOX news guy.

            If you really don’t understand – watch Tucker or Hannity and you will understand.

    1. Expect Carson ? Expect Carson to do what ? Spell correctly ? He’s doing a better job then you.

  2. Gutless heartless bunch of pu$$ies…Oh look that fat pig Peters is hurt again…Fuck this team

  3. I still think it was just a bad route. People love to complain about a perceived lack of effort for some reason. If it wasn’t Agholor and/or they won the game this wouldn’t even be a thing.

  4. Down 20 with less than ten minutes left, everyone can ignore Wentz’s awful game now because a dude didn’t catch a poorly thrown ball. Surely had it be a catch the Eagles would have scored 21 unanswered points to win.

    The lengths people go to make excuses for and deflect blame from Wentz is insane. It’s almost like a cult.

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