Delaware Woman Wants to Meet The Guy With the Phillie Phanatic Belly Button Tattoo

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You know Rob Dunphy right? The guy with the Arctic Splash and Phillie Phanatic belly button tattoos?

Of course you do. He’s been all over the news recently. Yesterday he was on Good Day Philadelphia, laying on his back, while Mike Jerrick poured orange juice into his navel:

So apparently a Delaware woman is really into this. Not necessarily the belly button OJ thing, but the tattoos in general. Rachel Lathem spoke to Amy Cherry at WDEL and claimed that Dunphy is the man for her:

“Oh my god, first of all soulmate,” she said. “Between the tattoos and the Phillie Fanatic, I just feel like he’s someone I have to meet because he would just be a hit.”

“I saw him not only on the news, and I said something to my mom like ‘this has to happen.’  Then I saw him on your website (, and I feel like it’s meant to be at this point.”

Rachel Lathem, 26, of Wilmington grew up a Philly sports fan and has got Gritty tattooed on her left thigh.

“So he has the Phillie Phanatic, and I have the Flyers…so I thought that was pretty cool,” she said.

Here’s my favorite passage from Cherry’s story:

“Since I laid eyes on the newscast this morning I’m head over heels for Rob!!! If you can maybe point me in a direction to maybe get in contact with him I would be forever grateful,” she wrote.

We did a little digging for her, and according to Facebook, Dunphy is engaged.

“Sh*t! Probably, he’s gorgeous, though I wouldn’t probably expect anything less than him being taken–that’s my luck,” she laughed.

But she still wants to meet him either way, and she’s confident he would be a fan.

“Hell yeah, I can show him I’m way better than her; we’ll have more fun.”

Lathem told Cherry that she was “hiding in the bathroom at work during this interview,” which is fantastic. And listen, if Dunphy is engaged, then he’s engaged. I wouldn’t want to upset his fiance by arranging a meeting with another woman.

But you never know. Hugh Grant once cheated on Liz Hurley, so anything is possible.

h/t Crossing Broad reader and commenter So Taguchi for the link


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  2. They have a combined IQ of 20 at best. Would fit in perfectly on Jerry Springer

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