Doesn’t Seem Like DeSean Jackson Will Play in Minnesota

James Lang - USA today Sports

What’s up with D Jaxx?

He hasn’t played since the season opener, which was more than a month ago.

“DeSean, we’re gonna try to at least progress him this week, try to get him on the field and see what he can do,” said head ball coach Doug Pederson at Wednesday’s press conference. “From a rehab standpoint only, see where he’s at and go from there.”

Doesn’t sound encouraging, does it?

Adam Schefter was on 97.5 the Fanatic this morning and also didn’t sound too convincing when asked about DeSean’s injury:

I think it was a sports hernia. I think that surgery was recommended and (he) decided not to do it, if I remember correctly, or surgery was discussed and he decided not to do it. He didn’t have the surgery, right? I remember being told – it was interesting – I remember being told ‘about a month’ and it’s been (four games). I was told it would be about a month, and then when I spoke to somebody else they said, ‘oh, no no, couple of weeks, a couple of weeks.’ So there were differing opinions depending on who you spoke to. But I can tell that the first one was the right one.

Schefter went on to say that he felt like the Eagles would be “buyers” at the trade deadline.

But yeah, the sports hernia thing had popped up on Twitter previously, even though the injury was being generically described as an ‘abdominal’ issue. That area of the body is really funky because it’s hard to exercise and stretch out, so you wait and rest. You think you’re fine, then you go out to start playing on the dusty Northern Liberties rec center floor and you immediately feel that shooting pain right up in the crotch region. It’s incredibly annoying.

Anyway, we’ll see if DeSean plays, but neither of those quotes, from Doug, or from Schefter, sounded convincing.

Here’s the full presser:


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2 Responses

  1. The moment Sam Wachs and his wife are escorted out of the
    preseason game against a Chinese basketball team for yelling “Free Hong Kong.”

  2. You can blame it on the training staff. This all comes down to how you strengthen your core in the off-season. Brady’s trainer in New England works with a lot of the Pats players and they never get injuries like this. The TB12 method works.

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