Donald Brashear Now Working Honest Gig at a Tim Hortons in Quebec City

Donald Brashear served up knuckle sandwiches during an NHL career that began in 1993 and ended 2010, a stint that included four years with the Philadelphia Flyers.

Now he’s serving up coffee and other goodies at a Quebec City Tim Hortons, which is like a Canadian Dunkin Donuts.

The story is written up in Le Journal De Quebec, so it’s in French, which means I’m giving you le crappy Google translations here:

The former Montreal Canadiens player was seen in the last few days serving coffee to Tim Hortons customers on Bouvier Street in Quebec City, which belongs to his friend Pierre Sévigny, also a former color holder. CH.

Preferring not to make waves with this hiring, Pierre Sévigny indicated that Brashear had been hired to lend a hand. He preferred not to comment on the arrival of his new 47-year-old employee, a left wing of the National Hockey League for 15 seasons.

Brashear’s post-career career, which was used to drive a luxurious Lamborghini through the streets of Quebec City, was marked by several trouble with the law.

“He’s an employee, that’s all. We have just started, he is here to help me, “says Mr. Sevigny.

The article goes on to explain that Brashear has had legal issues in recent years, including an 18-month probation sentence in 2011 for common assault. A civil suit took place after that, then his business went bankrupt in 2018 and faced more lawsuits. He also had to pay $200,000 for outstanding mortgages.

But listen, you won’t find any job shaming here. He’s working an honest gig, making some money, and helping out a friend. Apparently some people are getting bent out of shape because other media outlets were “making fun of him” or writing headlines that were not very flattering, but if the guy is just trying to get his life together and stay out of trouble, then good for him.

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9 Responses

  1. Far fall from stalking Eagles cheerleaders throughout the city during his time here. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

  2. Kevin, are you no longer contributing to the Crossing BroadCast ? I will be very discontent if that is the reality.

  3. No way to make that last a lifetime. Figure after taxes about 8 million. If you just invested it in the most conservative of investments you would be starving on $200,000 a year plus the league pension. Obviously as your playing you need money to live but living modestly your money is compounding so you never have to touch the principal. But hey, he got to drive an expensive sports car. Now he can drive a used a Civic and pocket coins as he serves coffee.

  4. 1. Can’t handle money.
    2. Always in trouble with the law.
    3. Repeat 1 & 2.
    Notice a pattern here with certain “affletes”?

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