Eagles to Appear on Amazon’s “All or Nothing” Series at NFL’s Behest

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Your Philadelphia Eagles will be on the next installment of Amazon’s “All or Nothing” series, a program that follows a sports team throughout their season. That’s according to Paul Domowitch at the Inquirer, who writes that the Eagles weren’t even interested in doing it, but were instead forced to participate by the NFL.


The Eagles aren’t crazy about the idea of being on the all-access show. But they didn’t have a choice in the matter. They got a call from the league shortly before the start of the season, informing them that they had drawn the short straw.

“There has to be somebody on the show,’’ Eagles president Don Smolenski said. “And if there are no volunteers. Then the league makes a selection.

“There’s a certain criteria – I don’t remember all of the criteria – for those teams that cannot be chosen. And if you don’t fit that criteria, your name goes into a bucket with a group of other teams, and the league picks from the bucket.’’

Domo says it’s a small crew, usually five people or fewer doing the filming on any given day. And look, if the Birds turn this thing around and become “world fucking champions,” then we’ll all be glad that they were forced to participate in this jawn by the NFL.

Here’s an example of what the series looks like:

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8 Responses

  1. Kevin, any chance you’ll be addressing issues such as income inequality or the horrible way this country treated indigenous people?

  2. Kevin, Manchester City was featured on “All or Nothing” and it was actually very well done. If you haven’t seen it, definitely watch a few episodes. I’m looking forward to this.

  3. Anyone else get douche chills while Wentz does the following things in attempts to win over his black teammates? 1. Dressing like Bojangles with his pre and post game gear (almost as bad as that incel Cam Newton) 2. Watch his pregame, on field warm up. Beats head phones, attempting to Bob his head to Kris Kros. Throwing off balance, one legged, passes while “dancing”. 3. Forcing himself into the offensive team touchdown celebrations in the end zone. He looks like Kinky looks in the Boyertown year book while posing with his boys.

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