Flyers Halloween Gathering Features Backstreet Boys, Mr. Incredible, and Tom Brady Jersey

via Instagram

The Flyers got crushed by Pittsburgh the other night, but they’re moving on from the loss with some Halloween fun, which was pulled from the Instagram account of Ivan Provorov’s girlfriend.

Check it out:

So we’ve got:

  • Kevin Hayes as Tom Brady
  • Travis Konecny as Mr. Incredible
  • Jake Voracek as.. Fred Flintstone or a caveman or something prehistoric
  • looks like Ghost in the light yellow V neck, yeah? I can’t tell, but his girlfriend is tagged in the post
  • Provy in black shirt, not dressed up
  • Hagg in the blue jersey? his girlfriend is also tagged

Looks like a fun time though. I personally think the Flyers should get back to partying in Old City ala Mike Richards and Jeff Carter, just getting piss drunk and tearing up the town.

Happy Halloween.

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19 Responses

    1. Lol…..listening to Jolovitz can be painful. I don’t know what’s worse; his Minnie Mouse voice or his arrogance.

    1. What clown writes that? Why are you on site reading posts about Flyers if you think they are a disease? What medical background do you posses to be able to diagnose? Very curious individual to take time to leave their opinion in this manner…just so many questions…

  1. Hard to imagine you can’t find a real job after being s-canned from your last one.

  2. Great post. Totally more relevant than the roster shakeup today. I sifted through this, five Embiid fights like a girl posts, and yet another gambling post. Yeah, nothing on the actual Flyers news of the day. Sad.

      1. Yet you’ll devote an entire article to the competition for the 12th man on an NBA roster.

        By the way, I’m a Sixers fan and a Flyers fan.

        1. here’s the deal:

          I’m the Sixers guy

          Anthony and Russ handle Flyers. if the story is worth writing, they’ll write it

          1. This could have been the initial reply to Real Ity Check’s comment, but you went with the snarky reply instead. I was just calling out the hypocrisy is all.

      2. I wasn’t annoyed that you hadn’t posted about the roster changes yet; more that I came to the site looking for actual analysis and found this instead of that. Maybe if I didn’t have to sift through 6 or 7 different hot takes on Embiid’s lame “fight” and multiple spam-I -mean-gambling posts to find Flyers coverage, I wouldn’t care so much.

  3. So does gritty party or what? I’d like to get down with him and some devils dandruff. Or maybe some Saturday sand. He’s looks like he might be smashing some crystal. A little too hard core for me but I don’t wanna look like a bitch in front of him….. I’ll do one only if he offers.

  4. Provy and his girlfriend were Danny and Sandy from Grease and Ghost and his girlfriend were Forrest and Jenny.

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