Here’s Every Ben Simmons Jump Shot Quote from Media Day

via Chris Johnson

Ben Simmons says he recaptured his love for the game of basketball this summer.

Speaking to reporters at media day, the Sixers’ fourth-year point guard explained that he was “too worried about what people were saying” and has since blocked out the noise surrounding him.

“At the end of the day, I don’t really care anymore, unless it’s coming from somebody in my circle or from somebody trying to help me get better,” Simmons told us.

Ben was his typically short self on Monday, not in stature but in length of quote. He used the term “locked in” several times to describe the nature of his summer workouts and mindset heading into the season.

But of course the big story on Action News is and always will be Ben’s jump shot, at least until he goes out and knocks down a corner three.

Here’s every single thing he said about the shot on Monday:

On the progression of the jump shot:

Yeah we’ve been working on everything, from ball-handling to touch around the rim, floaters, jumpers, threes, whatever it is, just getting a consistent rhythm. I feel confident.

How much more confident are you in the jump shot? You’re sick of talking about it.

Confident. (pauses) I don’t know how much more; I’m just confident with the work I’ve been putting in. I would say that’s the best way to put. I’m confident in the work I’ve been doing and the reps I’ve been putting in.

Brett Brown has said he’s going to start you in the corner instead of the dunker spot and encourage you to shoot threes. How do you feel about that adjustment and how important is the three point shot this season?

It’s just a part of the game so if it’s open I’ll take it.

Do you feel like it makes it harder for teams to defend you, that you can be an unstoppable player in this league with the jump shot?

It just changes the dynamic of the game and the way guys have to guard you. So once I get into a rhythm and feel comfortable I think it will change a lot of things.

How tired are you of hearing about the jump shot, and who is going to replicate JJ Redick’s productivity this season? 

Nobody will replicate what JJ did because JJ is his own player. And the jump shot stuff I don’t really care. People are gonna say (inaudible, he mumbled something here).

So there you have it. I personally am hoping that Ben Simmons comes out in the Blue X White scrimmage on Saturday and fires up 15 three pointers, because I think we’re all tired of the 30 second summer video clips and various hot takes surrounding his perimeter shooting, or lack thereof. The only thing left to do is shoot the shot.

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  1. These quotes do not inspire hope. They don’t bring to mind a ruthless pro’s mentality. You know when a cornerback gets torched and immediately wipes it out of his mind to hang man-to-man with the fastest WR on the next play. Or when the shooter wings a wide open air ball and on the very next possession jacks up another shot without hesitation.

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