Let’s get it back to the Eagles.

Howard Eskin, aka “The King,” went on Cataldi’s show this morning and was asked about the Josina Anderson anonymous source nonsense from last week (and last year).

Here’s part of their exchange:

Cataldi: Do you know who it is?

Eskin: Yeah.

Cataldi: Are you willing to tell us?

Eskin: Yeah why not. Alshon Jeffery.

Cataldi: It is?

Eskin: Yes. The thing is, here’s why he’s foolish and stupid – He knows that she’s not out to have his back. The problem is, as a reporter, I’ve seen her do this. She’ll bait a guy and then the guy gets trapped into saying things and he says them. It’s just foolish and stupid. We all understand it’s not productive. But what benefit was there to say that? And the reality is, why would he worry about a defensive player (Jalen Ramsey) not being traded for? And when he talks about checking down, sometimes the back you check down to is blocked. Or he’s blocking and then can’t get off the block. That’s one of your heckdowns. So the whole thing was just stupid. But it’s not being productive for somebody like that.

It goes on for a little bit more. Eskin notes that Jeffery was targeted 10 times last week, which makes you wonder what the problem is.

What’s also interesting is how Eskin operates as a member of the broadcast team. He’s down on the sidelines doing the radio updates, but then occasionally will drop a nugget like this, which you would think crosses some sort of boundary, but I guess it doesn’t. I don’t know how typical it is for somebody on a radio or television team to also report unique information, but he’s not a club employee, he’s a 94 WIP employee, and 94 WIP pays millions of dollars for the radio rights. It’s intriguing how all of that is sort of intertwined.

You can listen here around the 4:30 mark:


Anderson ripostes: